Rachel Maddow Exposes Trump’s Governing Catastrophe That Is Killing Rural America

Rachel Maddow puts it all together and shows how Trump’s governing catastrophe at the USDA is killing rural America.


Maddow said:

Part of what is going on here is the silent catastrophe of one specific part of the Trump administration. I don’t know why this hasn’t had more attention. There is a governing catastrophe that hasn’t had much attention and it is called the USDA. U.S. Department of Agriculture… Even on Donald Trump’s own terms, his USDA is a disaster. Donald Trump and his campaign think he can count on rural folks in general, farmers in particular to be a constituency heading into Trump’s reelection, right? But his trade policies and his farm policies are a disaster for rural America and American farmers. They are quite obviously making that constituency a problem for him right now. Just scan the headlines right now that Trump’s getting out of farm country.


As for all of the problems he has caused for rural America and the problems he has caused for American farmers, his proposed solution has been to go socialist on it. It’s to directly pay farmers. Give farmers billions of dollars in cash bailouts to make up for how badly the Trump administration’s policies are hurting American agriculture. Tens of thousands of U.S. Farmers still haven’t gotten payouts they have promised. The administration is hoping to pay out payments.

Trump has been a total disaster for the very people who were his biggest supporters. Some of the loudest chants of “build the wall,” and “lock her up” came from rural America. These are the same people who are losing their farms and their jobs because of Trump’s trade and agricultural policies. A president who has a history of failing at everything in life has taken a dire situation a rural America and made it worse.

It always frustrates the left when rural voters don’t vote their economic interests, but these folks consider themselves values voters, but what they are finding out is that Donald Trump never shared their values.

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