Trump Cancels Trip To Poland As Hurricane Heads Straight For His Private Club

Hurricane Dorian is poised to hit Trump’s private Mar-a-Lago club, so the president has canceled his trip to Poland.
Bloomberg reported, “President Donald Trump has canceled a trip to Poland this weekend because Hurricane Dorian is poised to strike Florida, according to two people familiar with the matter.”

Trump is sending Pence instead.

Trump was all set to take off for Poland when he thought that the hurricane was going to hit Puerto Rico, but he suddenly changed his plans when the storm modeling showed his private Mar-a-Lago club potentially taking a direct hit from what is projected to become a Category 4 storm:

Trump blew off the climate change working group at the G7, and eased the methane limits on oil and gas.

The universe has responded by potentially blowing his health code violating private club to bits with a major storm.

The taxpayers would save a ton of money if Trump could no longer run to Mar-a-Lago on their dime. Trump has cost local taxpayers in Florida millions and federal taxpayers even more with his weekend jaunts to his Florida club.

Trump would have left if the hurricane was going to strike Puerto Rico because his racist hatred of Puerto Ricans has no bottom, but if his private club is going to get hit, Trump cancels everything and gets the nuclear codes ready in case he has to stop a hurricane from hitting his club.

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