Trump Goes Golfing As Hurricane Dorian Approaches Florida

The White House tried to hide it, but Donald Trump spent Saturday golfing at his club instead of monitoring the Category 4 hurricane heading for Florida.

According to the White House Pool Report as provided to PoliticusUSA:

At 8:00 a.m. the pool left the White House in a pair of vans for points unknown on a sunny and warm morning, with hopes for no rough driving ahead.


The White House hasn’t said where the pool is going, but we’re headed in the direction of Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, VA. Location map attached.

It’s unclear exactly where POTUS is tweeting from; he’s fired off a lengthy series of retweets, including one featuring a video from Sen. Joni Ernst that begins with wind turbines (hopefully of the kind that don’t worry oncologists).

The president also congratulated Sean Hannity for having “the number one shoe on Cable Television.”


Pool has arrived at a strip mall roughly 1 mile away from the entrance to Trump National Golf Course in Sterling, VA.

We will be holding at an Italian restaurant that apparently doesn’t open for another 90 minutes.

A category four hurricane is about to hit the United States over the holiday weekend, and Donald Trump is hanging out at his private golf club. It is almost like Trump is doing everything he can think of to lose the 2020 election. There was a report on Friday that the White House was going to send Trump to Camp David to pretend like he is working during the storm, but since the president hates both Camp David and working, he ended up going to his golf club and giving himself the bad press that claims to hate, but constantly creates.

Trump can’t even pretend to care about the people who will be impacted by Dorian.

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