Rep. Steve Cohen Slams Trump For Putting His Reelection Ahead Of Preventing Gun Violence


Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) said that Trump is putting his own greed and reelection ahead of the safety of the American people.



Rep. Cohen said on MSNBC, “Realistically, Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump will not do anything that the NRA does not want. They see the slippery slope as they see it or camel getting it ts nose under the tent and for those reasons they will do nothing. Donald Trump is seriously concerned, as he should be, about his re-election. If he loses some of the NRA support and some of the people who just totally listen to the NRA and guns are their number one issue, they could sit it out or not vote and he’s afraid of that. He puts his re-election, which is his personal greed first and the safety of the public second. We should always think whenever we think of Donald Trump, we should realize he’s Individual One he’s a person who won the election along with Michael Cohen by violating the campaign finance laws and getting Stormy Daniels and Kathryn McDougal to sign these releases and give him money. He would be Michael Cohen in jail. Individual One.

Rep. Cohen was correct. Trump is never going to do his job, because he is using the presidency to protect himself from prosecution. Trump’s only concern is keeping himself in the White House because that is what is keeping him out of jail. The press needs to stop pretending like Trump is ever going to do the job of being president. Stop asking questions about gun reforms that are never going to happen, and actions that Trump has no interest in doing.

Trump is only interested in saving his own skin, so it is time for the press to stop treating him like he is every going to be guided by the motivations of a normal president.