After Odessa Mass Shooting, Trump Attacks Debra Messing For Exposing His Beverly Hills Fundraiser


Actor and activist Debra Messing urged the press to report a list of donors to Trump’s Beverly Hills fundraiser, which resulted in a lie-filled attack on the actor from Trump.

Messing tweeted:


Trump responded:

We know that Trump is lying because his use of the word sir is one of his tells. When he refers to himself as sir, he is lying.

After another mass shooting Trump is spending his time attacking an actor because she thinks that the public has a right to know who is funding the reelection bid of an increasingly unstable president who is placing the country at risk.

It is about seriousness and priorities. Trump isn’t going to deal with mass shootings. The “package” that he keeps promising that is going to come before Congress isn’t a series of legislative proposals from his White House, but a hodgepodge of NRA sponsored ideas coming that may bubble up within Congress and do nothing to address gun violence. Debra Messing made it clear in subsequent tweets that she would love for the president to be focused on the innocent lives being lost in mass shootings, instead of her tweets.

America needs leadership, but what the country is stuck with is a petty child president who tries to hide his intellectual inability to handle the issues with an endless series of outbursts and Twitter distractions.