Trump Bows To The NRA And Says New Mass Shooting Changes Nothing On Guns


Trump said that the mass shooting in Odessa, Texas, has done nothing to change his mind on doing something substantial about gun violence.

Trump said, “We’re looking at the same things. We’re in the process of dealing with Democrats, Republicans. They’ve been working hard on it. They’re coming back very S we have a lot of groups working on it. I’ve been speaking to them. They’ve been speaking to a lot of senators and house members. A lot of Republicans. A lot of Democrats. And people want to do something. We’re going to see this really hasn’t changed anything. We’re doing a package, and we’ll see what — how it comes about. It’s coming about right now. And a lot of people are talking about it. And that’s irrespective of what happened yesterday in Texas.”


Seven people died and an estimated 20 were injured and Trump’s response was an admission that Republicans are going to do nothing. All Trump could say is that they were going to do something, they didn’t know what, because they don’t have any legislation or proposals, so in real-world terms, the Trump doublespeak was an admission that he and his party are going to do nothing about gun violence. They are likely to propose a series of NRA approved measures about mental illness and video games, but Donald Trump is committed to allowing innocent people to be slaughtered by doing nothing about guns.

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