Trump Ordered Mike Pence To Stay At His Money Losing Irish Club To Bilk Taxpayers

Trump “suggested” that Pence stay at his money-losing Irish golf club, which is the same as a presidential order to bilk the taxpayers to prop up his club.

The White House explanation is that Pence stayed at the club at the suggestion of Trump:

Here is Pence falling on his face to disguise corruption as a legitimate expense:

Ned Price pointed out that a presidential “suggestion” is the same as an order:

Price said, “By the way, the president doesn’t suggest anything. When he issues a suggestion, it’s close to a command.”

Trump had Pence fly back and forth to and from his meetings so that he could bill taxpayers for the delegation staying at Trump’s golf club in Ireland. The primary and only mission of the Trump presidency is profiteering.

This is the second time since June that Trump has used his private golf club for out of the way travel to Ireland.

In June, The Washington Post reported, “Doonbeg has never reported turning a profit, losing more than $1 million every year from 2014 to 2017, according to Irish corporate records. In 2018, the course’s revenue rose slightly — up about 2 percent from $14.2 million to $14.5 million, according to Trump’s latest U.S. financial disclosures. But those disclosures do not show whether the course turned a profit, and the Irish records that would show profit or loss are not yet available.”

Trump is using taxpayer funds to put his money-losing businesses in the black and ordering his vice president to help with the theft from the American people.

Mike Pence can hide behind Christianity, but he is just as bad as Donald Trump.

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