The NRA Threatens Walmart After It Stops Selling Handguns and Ammo


After Walmart announced that they were no longer selling handguns and ammo, the NRA responded by threatening the nation’s largest retailer.

Walmart announced:
– After selling through our current inventory commitments, we will discontinue sales of short-barrel rifle ammunition such as the .223 caliber and 5.56 caliber that, while commonly used in some hunting rifles, can also be used in large capacity clips on military-style weapons;

– We will sell through and discontinue handgun ammunition; and


– We will discontinue handgun sales in Alaska, marking our complete exit from handguns.-

The NRA responded by threatening Walmart:

The NRA is once again greatly overestimating their power. All of their members could take their business elsewhere and it would be a drop the bucket for Walmart’s sales. Outside of Senate Republicans and Donald Trump, the NRA doesn’t scare anyone anymore.

Much of the political fear of the NRA was built on perception, not reality. Decisions like this one by Walmart are another nail in the coffin for the political myth of the big, bad NRA. The NRA is declining in influence, and it is only a matter of time before real common-sense gun legislation becomes law in the United States.

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