Trump alters Dorian map with sharpie

Trump Alters Official Hurricane Center Map With Sharpie To Falsely Include Alabama In Warning

The President Of The United altered an official map from the National Hurricane Center with a Sharpie so that he could falsely include Alabama in the warning.

Here is the map with Trump’s Sharpie change:

Video of Trump:

Trump predicted in a tweet that the storm was going to hit Alabama when there were no projections that it was going to happen, but since some of Trump’s biggest supporters are in Alabama, he had to pretend like he was saving them from danger.

The same behavior that began with the doctored photos of his inauguration crowd size has continued throughout Trump’s entire presidency. Trump tried to change the projected path of a hurricane so that he wouldn’t be wrong. Trump is more worried about looking right in a tweet than keeping the American people safe with an accurate hurricane projected path.

There is no bottom to Trump’s pettiness, and his willingness to doctor anything to make himself look right.

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