Trump Is Taking Money From Military Bases Hit By Hurricanes To Fund His Border Wall

As it was reported earlier this week, the Trump administration is planning on diverting a whopping $3.6 billion from the military to fund his vanity wall on the southern U.S. border.

According to The Hill, that decision will specifically impact military bases in “hurricane-ravaged” parts of the country.

The move is not a good look for the president as he already finds himself knee-deep in controversy surrounding his botched response to Hurricane Dorian.

More from The Hill:

Hurricane-ravaged bases in Florida, North Carolina and Puerto Rico are among the military sites that will lose funds because of the Trump administration’s decision to redirect $3.6 billion from military construction projects to a wall on the Mexican border.

The Pentagon on Wednesday announced the specific cuts that will take place because of the redirection of funds, though it cast the changes as delaying projects, not ending them.

“We’ve got an emergency on the southwest border that we need to address. All of these projects are important,” a senior defense official told reporters at the Pentagon.

They added that the Defense Department will work with Congress to replenish or “backfill” funding to finish the projects but admitted that such a move wasn’t guaranteed.

The military – not Mexico – is funding Trump’s vanity wall

It’s bad enough that Trump is taking money from the military to fund a wall that nobody wants and the country doesn’t need.

It’s even worse that some of the funds are being taken from military bases in parts of the country that have been devastated by hurricanes.

All of this becomes more stunning given the fact – one that Trump and his supporters conveniently forget – that the president’s campaign was built on the promise that his wall would be funded by Mexico.

For those keeping score at home, Mexico will be allocating zero dollars toward Trump’s vanity project on the southern border. Instead, the military that Trump claims to love will be footing the bill.

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