Nicolle Wallace And Al Roker Bust Trump For Doctored Hurricane Map


Al Roker and Nicolle Wallace busted Trump for the altered image of the Hurricane Dorian forecast.

Video of Roker and Wallace on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House:


Wallace said, “It’s not a small thing if you live in Florida or Alabama and trying to decide to be in town for the first day of school or evacuate with your family. It’s not a small thing to take a pen to a graphic that I don’t know who made that marking but that hand, let me see the image again, the hand belongs to Donald J. Trump. In Donald J. Trump’s hand is a doctored image.

Roker added, “And what’s interesting is a photo from the White House that shows the president being briefed on August 29th, the day that was there, and it does not have that added little black line…It’s there. But there is an image from the white house showing the president being briefed holding that. I tweeted that out. It’s from the White House’s website. So there was there somewhere between then and now, that mark got added. I don’t know who added it, I’m just saying.”

Roker tweeted the images side by side:

What we do have is a president who loves Sharpies holding a hurricane forecast that was doctored with a Sharpie to match the projected line of impact that Trump tweeted. It’s not direct evidence, but Nicolle Wallace was correct. The president was holding a doctored pictured, based on one of his tweets, and it isn’t difficult to imagine how it got that way.

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