Joe Biden Leads Trump By 9 As GOP Troubles Boil In Wisconsin

A new poll of Wisconsin shows former vice president Joe Biden as the only Democratic candidate with a lead over Trump (51%-42%) that is above the margin of error.

Here is how Trump matches up with the top Democrats in Wisconsin:

Trump’s job approval remains stuck underwater in Wisconsin:

Trump’s handling of the economy is below 50% approval:

The margin of error in the poll is 3.9%, which means that Biden is the only Democratic candidate with a lead that is above the margin of error. The good news for the non-Biden Democrats is that a lot of voters in the Badger State still haven’t gotten to know the candidates yet, so these numbers are far from set in stone, but Joe Biden is the Democrat with the biggest percentage of committed supporters, and the highest approval rating in the state.

Trump has a large and growing problem in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. The one general consistency in all of the polling is that Democrats could throw Trump a lifeline by nominating a candidate that is more divisive. The idea among some Democrats that any Democrat could beat Trump is not true. The odds are that the Democratic ticket is going to end up being some combination of a moderate and a progressive.

That combo should play well across the country, and in places like Wisconsin could be a political blow to Donald Trump.

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