San Francisco Passes Resolution Deeming The NRA A Domestic Terrorist Organization

The San Francisco city council has passed a resolution deeming the NRA a domestic terrorist organization.

ABC News reported:
San Francisco directed the fight over increased gun control directly at the National Rifle Association this week, passing a resolution that declares the organization a “domestic terrorist organization.”

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to approve the resolution on Tuesday and urged other cities, states and the federal government to do the same.


“The NRA has done more to perpetuate and create the sick gun violence epidemic that is terrorizing our country,” Stefani said at the meeting ahead of the vote Tuesday. “They buy off politicians, prevent common sense gun violence legislation, prevent gun violence research and tell us and everybody that it’s the video games, movies or mental illness.”

The NRA responded by screaming 9/11:

The NRA response was to try to puff out their chest and again push the myth of their size and power.

The NRA is in decline. Cities aren’t afraid of the NRA. The American people no longer fear the NRA. The nation’s largest retailer has dealt a blow to the gun lobby. It doesn’t get much lower and bad for the gun lobby than being named a terrorist organization. The NRA is trying to use 1990s culture war tactics, but they don’t realize that the ground has shifted beneath them, the culture has changed around them, and they are on the verge of extinction.

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