Trump Hits A New Level Of Insane While Trying To Prove That His Fake Dorian Forecast Was Right

Trump tweeted out maps that were released days before he made his fake forecast of Dorian hitting Alabama in a new level of crazy presidential behavior.

Trump tweeted:

Trump was quickly caught:

NOAA never predicted that the storm would reach Alabama. Trump has put out at least five tweets on Thursday trying to prove that his weather forecast was right. This is five more tweets than he has posted providing information on what his administration is doing to help the people of the Carolinas who are being pummeled with rain and tornadoes. Donald Trump is more interested in proving himself right about the weather than he is helping the nation recover from a natural disaster.

Trump used an edited map to push a fake forecast in violation of the law.

It is all insane, and a symptom of a president who is out of his mind.

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