Trump Is Trying To Make Money Off Of His Illegal Fake Hurricane Forecast

The Trump campaign is now trying to sell their followers markers, as they are attempting to make money off of Trump’s illegal and fake hurricane forecast.

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale tweeted:

The Trump campaign is trying to make money, and it is well documented that Trump views campaign money as “his money,” off of the president misleading the American people about Hurricane Dorian hitting Alabama when it was not even going to come close to the state. After the president breaks the law by promoting a fake weather forecast by editing the projected path of the storm with a Sharpie, and then obsessing for days while abusing the presidency to make himself look right, the Trump campaign then blames the media and tries to scam the cult into buying markers.

Running against the media is at the core of Trump’s strategy both as president and as a candidate for reelection.

It doesn’t matter that this plan has been a massive backfire from day one. Trump has seen his free media coverage dry up outside of Fox News.

Everything about Trump and his presidency is a money-making scam.

Even when Trump breaks the law, he turns into an opportunity to suck more money out of the pockets of the red hat wearing rubes.

The con will never end until Donald Trump is removed from office.