Rep. Ted Lieu Exposes Trump’s Total Failure In Afghanistan

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) explained that Trump is so desperate for an agreement to end the war in Afghanistan because during the campaign he promised to get all US troops out.


Rep. Lieu said, “Donald Trump campaigned on getting out of endless wars. He has failed. There are more troops in Afghanistan now than when he first took office. I believe we should withdraw from Afghanistan. We have soldiers there who are toddlers at the time we started the Afghan war. If we can’t win this after 18 years, there’s no indication we’re going to win this after another 18 years. We need to withdraw our troops. We need to focus on domestic priorities — health care, infrastructure, getting rid of corruption in the white house. That’s what we should be focused on.”

Rep. Lieu provided context for why Trump is so desperate to get an agreement to withdraw US troops in Afghanistan. He has completely failed to deliver on his campaign promise. In fact, Trump has more troops in Afghanistan than were there when Obama left office. It is a factual statement that the US is in worse shape under Trump in Afghanistan than they were under Obama. Trump wanted to stage a publicity stunt and announce the US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan on 9/11.

Trump was willing to invite the people who helped al-Qaeda kill thousands of Americans to the United States just before 9/11 to try to get himself some good publicity.

Donald Trump has failed and like a kid trying to get his grade up to a D on the last day of school, he is scrambling to barely pass before the 2020 election.

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