protesters call for Trump to be jailed at his own golf club

Trump Can’t Hide As Protesters Call For Him To Be Jailed At His Own Golf Club

Trump was met by protesters holding signs calling on to resign and be jailed as he entered and left his Virginia golf course on Sunday.

Here was the White Pool Report as provided to PoliticusUSA, “POTUS’ motorcade left Trump National Golf Club at 3:23 PM. Four protesters were at the entrance with signs of “Jail Trump” and “Resign,” among others, while a fifth joined shortly before his departure with two Trump Baby balloons.”

Here was the scene on Saturday, which looks very similar to what was reported on Sunday:

There is nowhere for Trump to hide. He can’t escape reality, even at his own golf club. The majority of the American people can’t stand him. Trump is the least popular president in the history of public opinion polling. Trump can retreat to Twitter and pretend that he has an approval rating over 50% and that the people love him, but anytime that this president has to set foot out into the real world, even for the briefest of moments, he can’t escape the level of contempt that most of the citizens of this nation hold for him.

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