Trump Admits He Considered Bringing The Taliban To The White House


Trump admits that he considered bringing the Taliban to the White House before 9/11, but he was worried about bad publicity.



Trump said, “Well, Camp David’s held meets with a lot of people that would have been perceived as being pretty tough customers and pretty bad people. There have been plenty of so-called bad people brought up to Camp David for meetings. And the alternative was the White House and you wouldn’t have been happy with that so camp David would have been a good place but I don’t want to meet under circumstances where they go around and try to make themselves a little bit more important by killing a soldier. By killing also a great nato soldier in addition to our and also a total of 12 people. I don’t want that. But, you know, camp David has had many meetings that I guess people would not have considered politically correct.”

Trump makes Camp David sound like Arkum Asylum. Never in the history of the United States has a president hosted a terrorist organization that has killed thousands of Americans on US soil at Camp David.

What’s even worse is that Trump considered having the Taliban over to the White House, but didn’t do so, because he correctly believed that there would be a national outcry if he hosted the government that supported and protected al-Qaeda before 9/11 at the White House.

Some aspects of the presidency aren’t that hard. Don’t hang out with people who had a hand in the murder of thousands of Americans, and don’t roll out the red carpet and invite those murderers to the White House.

It’s not complicated.

Donald Trump is incapable of being a human being. The Taliban would have been coming to the White House if Trump didn’t think that it would get him bad press.

There is no terrorist or dictator that Trump won’t try to cozy up to, including the Taliban.

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