Trump Fired John Bolton For Not Being Pro-Taliban Enough

John Bolton was urging Trump to stop giving everything away to dictators and terrorists without getting anything in return, so Trump fired him.

Trump tweeted:

Bolton replied:

Jeremy Bash provided some insight into why Bolton was fired on MSNBC:

Bash said, “John Bolton was basically relegated to being, in essence, a Fox News commentator, a hawk commentator inside the white house. And in that role, that pit him directly against the president’s instincts. The president wanted to have photo ops, headlines regarding North Korea, regarding the Taliban John Bolton said we can’t cozy up to a dictator in North Korea. We can’t give him a world platform without getting anything concrete in return. Likewise, with respect to the Afghanistan decision, I think John Bolton’s deep concern which I’ve heard echoed across the national security establishment is why are we having a negotiation in which the first thing being discussed is the withdrawal of American military and intelligence officials. Shouldn’t we first put the Afghan government at the table. We have it backward. I think John Bolton had strong disagreements and the president said get out of my way.”

John Bolton Was Fired For Giving Trump Sane Advice

Bolton’s firing isn’t a surprise. Anyone who tells Trump no or disagrees with him soon finds themselves on the way out the door. John Bolton was considered a radical right-wing hawk during the Iraq war, but in the Trump administration, he was the sane guy who was trying to get Trump to be a successful international negotiator. Bolton was right. Trump shouldn’t be giving away everything while getting nothing in return.

It isn’t a shock that Bolton is gone a day after Trump’s 9/11 surprise summit with the Taliban at Camp David fell apart.

Bolton wasn’t pro-Taliban enough. By the way, the Taliban still has a relationship with al-Qaeda, and Trump was going to invite them to the US, so he is out of a job.

Trump rejects all sanity, and if one tries to check him with sane advice, he will fire you.

That is the lesson of the Saga of John Bolton.\

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