Malcolm Nance Calls Out Bolton For Not Exposing Trump As Unfit

Malcolm Nance said that John Bolton might have resigned, but he is another former administration official who refuses to tell America that Trump is unfit.


Malcolm Nance said on MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari Melber, “I think right now — I think it will be fascinating to see who he’s going to bring on board. You know, he’s probably going to go out and try to find the most disgraced general he could find at this point, probably General Boykin or somebody who was fired from their job and say okay, I’ve got a general who’s more like me in this position. But the real problem here is Bolton resigned, and he made it very clear to Fox he resigned. And everyone who’s worked this job who has been fired will not come to the American people and tell us this president is unfit and maybe this is part of that national security and classified information problem we keep having with president trump. Maybe he doesn’t want a national security adviser because tearing down U.S. National security seems to be his full-time job.”

Nance was one hundred percent correct. There is a layer of cowardice in the Republican Party that is enabling and protecting an unfit president who is a danger to the country. A true patriot, no matter their politics, would place the country ahead of their partisan loyalties, and expose Trump.

We have yet to see a former administration official come out on the record and detail Trump’s behavior. Trump’s behavior is likely so bad that if exposed impeachment could be the only option. John Bolton is refusing to do the Trump walk of shame, but he needs to come clean with the American people about what he saw while serving in the Trump administration.

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