Trump Is Losing Texas By 5 As Lone Star Hispanic Democrats Surge

Hispanic Democratic voters are surging in Texas in the Lone Star state, and Trump is trailing against any Democrat by 5 points.

According to the Univision Texas Voter Poll:

Days away from the third Democratic debate in Houston and over a year from the 2020 presidential election, an exclusive poll by Univision News found that 40% of registered voters in the state say they will vote for the Democrat who prevails in the party’s primary, while 33% say they will support President Trump. If undecided voters leaning one way or the other are included, the advantage would be 47% to 42% in favor of the Democrats.


Senator Bernie Sanders would win the state (48% against 42%). Similarly, former Vice President Joe Biden would win the state (47% to 43%), and the same would happen with Senator Warren (44% to 42%).

Trump trails with Hispanic voters in Texas 69%-19% with 12% undecided.

If Trump loses Texas, Hispanic voters will be the reason why.

It is interesting that such a large segment of the electorate in what has been deep red state have already made up their minds to vote against Trump. Instead of quibbling about which Democrat is better, Texas voters appear to be saying give us any of the top three Democrats who aren’t Donald Trump. Elizabeth Warren would have the most work to do to win the state, but she is the lesser-known of the top three Democrats, so that is to be expected.

One poll doesn’t mean that Democrats are going to win the state, but as with the Ted Cruz/Beto O’Rourke Senate election, Republicans might have to dump resources into propping Trump in red Texas that they were planning on using in a place like Pennsylvania.

Texas is in play, and Democrats may get a chance to turn the great red presidential election whale into a solid shade of blue.

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