Lawrence O’Donnell Explains How John Bolton Could Destroy Trump’s Reelection Campaign

Lawrence O’Donnell laid out how John Bolton could write a well-timed book that would make him millions while destroying Trump’s reelection campaign.


O’Donnell said:

John Bolton has already written one book of memoirs of serving in a Republican presidential administration. Today he has the makings of a book that could outsell any book ever written by a member of a presidential administration. And a book that could destroy the trump reelection campaign. I will have my say in due course. Might due course be, oh, a year from now in September or October of 2020? At the height of the presidential campaign? Might that be the moment for John Bolton to release his second memoir of service to a president? Might that be when and how John Bolton has his say? And what would that book do to the trump reelection campaign? Donald Trump should be very worried about John Bolton’s next book.

This is a — there is a small group of New York literary agents to handle books like this, and they would all advise John Bolton to have his say in a book and to maximize the value in the marketplace, John Bolton should say nothing between now and when the book comes out. That means that every day of John Bolton’s silence becomes more ominous for the trump campaign. One of the clues of what would be in such a book was offered to the Washington Post today by a course identified as one of Bolton’s allies speaking on the condition of anonymity, and that ally told “The Washington Post” that Bolton was not surprised by trump’s latest outburst after working alongside him and becoming familiar with his behavior.

That is the story that John Bolton has to sell to book publishers working alongside him and becoming familiar with his behavior. Every detail of the behavior that John Bolton witnessed or heard about. John Bolton is in a position to become the best-selling author ever of an inside the trump white house book, and he has enough time to write one and get it published at the height of the presidential campaign, and that book could be worth several million dollars.

Lawrence O’Donnell is right. There is no book from a top-level insider in Trump’s White House detailing Trump’s behavior in their own words. That book, if written honestly at the height of a presidential campaign, could be earth-shaking.

If Donald Trump were smart, he would be worried about the kind of book that Bolton could write, but Donald Trump is not smart. He still thinks that he is in the world of tabloid reality TV where he can bully and smear those around him and come out on top.

Because Trump has learned nothing as president, he has given John Bolton the power to destroy his reelection campaign.

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