Trump Calls His False Hurricane Forecast A Hoax Created By The Media

Trump is pretending like he never faked a hurricane forecast and tried threatened to fire weather officials who disagreed with him.


Trump said, “I never did that. That was a whole hoax about the hurricane when they talked about Alabama. It was fake news from the beginning. It was a fake story.”

Trump started this story by tweeting a false forecast that Hurricane Dorian was going to hit Alabama. He followed it up displaying a NOAA forecast that had been edited with a Sharpie to include Alabama. His Commerce Secretary then threated to fire weather officials if they disagreed with Trump’s fake forecast.

Everything about this story was caused by the actions of Donald Trump.

The president can’t admit a mistake or take responsibility. so when he does or says something wrong and gets called out on it, Trump’s go-to move is to claim that the story is fake or a hoax.

The story wasn’t a fake or a hoax. It was all 100% Donald Trump.