Trump Humiliates Himself With New Cave On China Tariffs

Trump keeps talking tough and then postponing new tariffs on China, which gives China zero incentive to make a deal.

Trump tweeted:

The pattern has become a running joke. Trump threatens China, announces new tariffs, but as the stock market drops, he comes up with some excuse for delay.

There is no reason for the Chinese to ever make a deal with Trump. Donald Trump waffles and caves so often that they can afford to wait him out. If Trump were capable of negotiating his way out of a paper bag, he would not be extending “gestures of good will” to the Chinese.

The deadline was getting close. The markets were worried. Trump needed an excuse to get out of the corner that he had painted himself into, so he used a Chinese national holiday to back away from his threat.

It is sad and weak, and the reason why Trump is a total failure as president. The Chinese know that Donald Trump is desperate to get out of his trade war, and they can afford to wait.

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