ABC Tells Democrats (Beto) No Swearing During The Debate

ABC News has released a statement asking Democrats, looking at Beto O’Rourke, to keep it clean during the debate.

Via The New York Times:

“We wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that, as the debate will air on the ABC broadcast network, we are governed by Federal Communications Commission indecency rules,” Rick Klein, the network’s political director, wrote in a memo forwarded to campaigns by the Democratic Party.

“Candidates should, therefore, avoid cursing or expletives in accordance with federal law,” Mr. Klein added, presumably sighing deeply.

There was a time pre-Trump when networks would never have had to issue such a statement, but with President Potty Mouth running wild on national television as soon as he gets in front of a rally crowd, the standards have been lowered.

Beto O’Rourke has more self-control in his little finger than Trump has in his entire body. The previous Democratic debates have been clean because unlike the current president, the Democratic candidates don’t have the mentality of small children.
Former Rep. O’Rourke has been swearing with good reason over the epidemic of mass shootings in his home state of Texas, but ABC felt compelled to issue the warning because they don’t want an FEC fine.

Let’s hope all of the networks issue the same warning to the White House before the general election debates next fall.

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