Democrats Rock Trump With Impeachment Probe Beyond The Mueller Report

The House Judiciary Committee announced that Trump impeachment investigation hearings will begin next week, and go beyond the Mueller report.


Chairman Nadler told reporters:

This morning the Judiciary Committee adopted amended procedures to enable us to more effectively carry on the investigation that we’re involved with. This investigation will allow us to determine whether to recommend articles of impeachment with respect to president trump. Some call this process an impeachment inquiry, some call it an impeachment investigation. There is no legal difference, and I no longer care to argue about nomenclature.

We’re carrying on an investigation as to whether to recommend, to determine whether to recommend articles of impeachment against the president. With these new procedures, we will begin next week an aggressive series of hearings investigating allegations of corruption, obstruction, and abuse of power against the president. The investigation will go well beyond the four corners of the Mueller report and we will be starting with our first hearing on September 17th, where we expect, among others, we expect Mr. Lewandowski to testify.

The impeachment investigation has been ongoing for months. It has been in the document gathering phase, which is part of the reason why there have been so many lawsuits. Democrats have also been fighting in court to get testimony from those who used to work in the White House.

The hearings are the next step forward in the process. Official impeachment investigation hearings give House Democrats additional powers to compel witnesses to testify. It is also is the beginning of making the argument for impeachment to the public.

The big news is that these hearings will go beyond Mueller’s narrow scope and focus on Trump corruption and obstruction of justice.

The White House should be very worried because even if Trump is never impeached, a potentially months-long set of hearings about his corruption have the potential to wreck Trump’s reelection campaign.

The investigation is about to get more public, and some of Trump’s darkest secrets are set to come out for the world to see.

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