Military Members Are Being Bussed In To Stay At Trump’s Failing Scotland Club

The military stays at Trump’s money-losing club in Scotland are more numerous than first reported.

The New York Times reported:

Neither Mr. Trump’s company nor the United States military has disclosed how much government money has been spent at the Trump resort. But a dozen Trump Turnberry staff members, all speaking on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals, said the military stays have been a regular occurrence and, often, encompass surprisingly large groups.

Buses like the one that arrived in July periodically turn up at midnight or 2 a.m. carrying dozens of soldiers or Marines, several hotel staff members said. Less expensive hotels, like a TraveLodge and a Premier Inn, are next to the airport — the Trump Turnberry resort is about a 40-minute drive.


Several of the military visitors complained that the resort was not a particularly convenient place. It is far from any restaurants or even a pub. A burger costs almost $26 at current exchange rates, 21 pounds, and blended whisky starts at nearly $10 a glass. A day ticket for hotel guests to play on the signature golf course costs $495.

Unless the cheaper hotels are full, why are military members being sent to Trump’s club in Scotland? The club is a bus ride away from the airport compared to hotels that are nearby. Every with the discount that Trump claims to give members of the military, the club is still almost twice as expensive as a local hotel.

As with many elements of Trump’s corrupt conflicts of interest, it is not exactly clear who is pulling the strings and sending these members of the military to the club at taxpayer expense.

No matter how the dynamic works, the point is the same.

The President Of The United States is making money off of the military that he is supposed to be commanding. The arrangement is corrupt and must be stopped immediately.

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