Terrified Republicans Tried To Block Lawyers From Questioning Impeachment Witnesses

House Republicans are so scared of the criminal liability surrounding Trump that they tried to block lawyers from questioning impeachment witnesses.

House Judiciary Committee member, Rep. Val Demings (D-FL) tweeted:

Republicans are afraid of what the lawyers will ask, and the criminal liability surrounding many of the witnesses to potential Trump crimes.

The impeachment investigation is about more than impeaching a president. There is a web of corruption and crime surrounding Donald Trump and beginning next week, the House Judiciary Committee will begin the long process of following strands of evidence and sorting through a criminal history that predates that presidency and goes back years in the history of Donald Trump.

Republicans don’t want lawyers involved because it is more difficult for a witness to stonewall a lawyer than a member of Congress.

The dam is breaking, and the secrets hidden behind Trump’s obstruction are set to come pouring out.

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