Union Bursts Into Laughter After Trump Suggested As Mediator Of GM Strike

A UAW spokesman laughed when asked if he thought Donald Trump would be a good mediator for the General Motors auto workers strike.

Trump tweeted:

UAW spokesman was asked about Trump’s tweet on MSNBC:

Browning said as he laughed, “We have our hands full at general motors right now and that’s who we’re going to concentrate on.”

Trump should not be allowed anywhere near the strike. He doesn’t care about the autoworkers or the suffering that protracted dispute may cause for families in the impacted states. Trump only cares about himself. He is worried about how a strike looks to his reelection campaign in Michigan.

The worst thing that could happen to both GM and the autoworkers would be for Trump to get involved. The president has shown that he can’t negotiate his way out of a paper bag, and it would be best for everyone involved if GM stayed in business.

The fact that the president is such a joke that his potential involvement in a strike would inspire laughter says all that anyone needs to know about the credibility and standing of Donald Trump.

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