Rep. Ted Lieu Destroys Trump’s Illegal Effort To Block Corey Lewandowski’s Testimony

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) said that Trump was engaging in unprecedented obstruction of Congress with his move to limit the testimony of Corey Lewandowski.

Here is the hearing notice:

Video of Lieu on MSNBC:

Rep. Lieu said on MSNBC, “This is unprecedented obstruction of congress, and it’s not just the judiciary committee. For example, we’re trying to find out why is the Trump administration suing to eliminate health care coverage for Americans with preexisting conditions they won’t provide that information either it’s across the board. And specifically for the judiciary hearing, we wanted to get in porter and Dearborn they won’t allow those folks to even come and show up before Congress we’re litigating and we believe we’re going to win in court.”

Trump is obstructing a congressional hearing on obstruction of justice. Trump’s shield of Lewandowski is illegal because Corey Lewandowski never worked for the Executive Branch of the government. He does not fall under any executive privilege claim made by Donald Trump. Ted Lieu was correct. Trump has taken presidential obstruction of Congress to a new level. However, it is a repetition of the same playbook.

Trump is trying to run out the clock on House Democrats by forcing them to sue to get every document and witness.

Rep. Lieu was right. Democrats will win in court, but Trump’s goal is to delay impeachment until after the 2020 election. Trump’s actions are illegal, as his obstruction of Congress itself is an impeachable offense.

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