Republicans Humiliate Themselves With Stall Tactics At Trump Impeachment Hearing

Corey Lewandowski and House Republicans are engaging in a variety of stall tactics and trying to adjourn the Trump impeachment investigation hearing to cover-up potential presidential crimes.

Here is Lewandowski pretending like he needs a copy of the Mueller report:

Republicans tried to get the hearing adjourned:

Lewandowski also claimed that Trump’s wishes are the same as a legal privilege:

If Republicans and Trump have nothing to hide, why are not answering questions and trying to end the hearing?

Lewandowski is playing games and stalling for time. What are Republicans so afraid of? If there is nothing to the impeachment investigation than they should be letting the facts be known because they will clear Donald Trump.

The nation is witnessing a cover-up that is worse than Watergate. Republicans in Congress are covering up for the President Of The United States, and they are making their president look guilty by playing games with an impeachment investigation hearing.