Trump Blows A Gasket Over Elizabeth Warren’s NYC Crowd Size


Trump tried to downplay and pouted over the fact that Sen. Elizabeth Warren drew a bigger crowd than any of his rallies as president.

Via the White House pool report as provided to PoliticusUSA, Trump said, “Anybody that can’t get people standing in the middle of Manhattan in the most densely populated area of the country – anybody could do that. I think more Democrats should do it. I get these crowds in areas that nobody’s ever seen crowds before. Pretty amazing. Certainly, if I went to Manhattan if I went there – number one, she didn’t have 20,000 people and number two, I think anybody would get a good crowd there. I think you have a good crowd there if you don’t even go there, just say you’re going and how many people are in the park.”

Trump claims that the crowd didn’t exist, while also claiming that if Warren’s crowd was that big, it was no big deal because anybody could do it in New York. Trump is so unpopular that he has to avoid most major city centers and hold his rallies either in red suburbs or less populated red states. If it is so easy to draw a big crowd in New York, why has Trump held a rally there?
The latest NBC News/WSJ poll shows that Elizabeth Warren’s momentum is real. If one were to bet on who will be the final two Democrats standing in the primary, one would have to say that Warren and Biden have the best chances with Bernie Sanders not too far behind. Warren has seen her support grow by 6 points and Biden has gained five.


Sen. Warren generates the sort of enthusiasm that Trump wishes he had behind him.

Trump got his first taste of the 2020 election and what he saw has him blowing up because the 2018 blue wave is growing into a 2020 tsunami.