Robert O’Brien Named NSA A Day After Sucking Up To Trump


Trump picked his new National Security Adviser (NSA) one day after Robert O’Brien lavishly praised the president to the media.

Trump tweeted:


Here is why O’Brien got the job:

Trump’s picks have nothing to do with skills, qualifications, or talent. Anyone who wants a job in the Trump administration just needs to lavishly praise the president, and make it clear that they will never tell Trump no.

The executive branch of the federal government has been turned into a Donald Trump fan club, and the only way to gain admission into the club is to proclaim yourself the number one fan of Donald Trump.

Trump has completely undermined the Executive Branch’s ability to function with his demand for “loyalty” over competence. A government is only as good as the people who are serving in it. Donald Trump making sure that his area of the government will be dominated by chaos, dysfunction, and incompetence.