Former CIA Analyst Says Whistleblower May Have Info That Trump Betrayed America

Former CIA analyst Ned Price put forth the theory that the DNI whistleblower may have information about Donald Trump betraying the United States of America.


Price said on MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell:

I think this could be something closer to betrayal given what we have learned from “The Washington Post” this evening. It’s always dangerous to speculate on the origins of potential wrongdoing during this administration because there is so much of it to go around but let me offer one theory that I think comports with the second line of thought that Ben put I’ve always been curious about a July 31st phone call between president trump and Vladimir Putin.

This is a phone call that president trump, himself, initiated July 31st. The dog days of summer. The white house after the Kremlin did put out a readout that said they discussed potential American assistance to ongoing Siberian wildfires. That raised my curiosity even president trump was barely lifting a finger to fight ongoing wildfires in California. The Kremlin readout, however, added something quite different. It said, quote, that the Russian president viewed trump’s offer as a sign that fully-fledged bilateral relations could be restored in the future. It seemed that the Russians seemed to have an indication that president trump had pledged or promised a restoration of diplomatic relations, of bilateral relations in a way that the White House certainly didn’t allude to in its readout. This was precisely two weeks before the whistleblower filed this report.

The timing of Trump’s phone call with Putin and whistleblower’s complaint could all be a coincidence, but it is not likely, given the timeline that Ned Price laid out. Trump made a promise to someone, possibly Putin, that was so alarming that it was viewed as worthy of report. Many Americans feel that Trump betrayed his country during the 2016 election, but a betrayal as president documented by a whistleblowing witness could be the fatal blow that gets Trump out the White House and ends his malignant presidency once and for all.

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