Adam Schiff Closes In On Trump By Releasing IG Letters On Whistleblower

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff has released the letters from the Intelligence Community IG related to the whistleblower complaint against Trump.

Video of Schiff speaking to reporters:

Rep. Schiff said when asked if the White House was covering up for Trump, “I believe that there is an effort to prevent this information getting to congress. And if the assertion is accurate that the Department of Justice has made and the DNI has affirmed that this involves a potentially privileged communication, then at one level or another, it likely involves either the president or people around him.”

Schiff also released a September 17 letter from the IG that stated that the IG did not agree with the DNI and the DOJ on withholding the whistleblower complaint from Congress.

Read the letter below:


Under the law, the IG is only allowed to disclose the whistleblower complaint under authorization from the DNI. If they disclose the complaint to Congress without authorization, they are breaking the law and could be criminally prosecuted, so IG can’t tell Congress what is going on.

The acting DNI testifies before Schiff’s Intelligence Committee next week. Rep. Schiff is closing in on Trump and this complaint, but it could be the same old obstruction song and dance from this White House. Schiff may have to go court to get the complaint. The court system won’t allow Trump to run out the clock, as the House Intelligence Committee chairman is closing in on what could be a devastating scandal for Donald Trump.

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