Trump Is The First President To Have A Whistleblower Complaint Filed Against Him

Trump has made more of the wrong kind of history by becoming the first president ever to have a whistleblower complaint filed against him.


NBC’s Ken Dilanian reported on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, “What we do know is someone inside the white house, detailed to the NSC, an intelligence officer, was so concerned that they took the extraordinary step that no one I talked to ever heard of, of filing a whistleblower complaint about the president’s conduct. We also know the Trump administration is taking pains to withhold that complaint from Congress. The inspector general is testifying behind closed doors to the house committee and is refusing to give more information to the committee, he’s not allowed to by law, he’s instructed by lawyers that this does not meet the definition in the Whistleblower Act.”

Trump is making all of the wrong kinds of history. He is the first president not to have a single job approval rating over 50% in any credible poll, and he is the first to engage in behavior that is so troubling that it inspired a whistleblower to report the President Of The United States. Someone within Trump’s own branch od the government was so disturbed by what Trump is doing in office that they filed a formal complaint to sound the alarm.

Speculation is centered around a Trump phone call with Putin at the end of July. Trump talked to five world leaders in the timeframe of the complaint, but he has been especially secretive regarding his conversations with Putin. The White House wouldn’t be going to such extreme lengths to hide the complaint if it was “fake news.”
Trump may have betrayed the country, and it only a matter of time before the details are revealed.

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