Congressman Lays It Out: Trump Can No Longer Be President

Rep. Gregory Meeks warned Republicans that Donald Trump can no longer be the President Of The United States.


Meeks said on MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari Melber, “This is getting to be absolutely horrendous. We have a president of the United States of America. We’ve been urging Ukraine to clean up its act and he’s going to the newly elected president of Ukraine asking him to conspire with him to get involved in the next 2020 election. If that does not reach out to people to say that this guy can no longer be or should no longer be the President Of The United States because it is now making a joke of our institutions. I’m saying it’s time for my Republican colleagues to step up. Stop making excuses for this guy that’s now in the White House.”

Rep. Meeks also had a warning for Republicans that more impeachable offenses are coming, “I think they are lining up several. I think there will be several more. As folks are focused on the judiciary committee, remember the ways and means committee, the forign affairs committee, which I sit on, the financial services committee, which I sit on are still doing investigations. It’s going to be even more that will come out. It’s going to compel, at some point, it should compel our Republican colleagues as it did back in the Nixon time to say enough is enough. If not their seats will be in jeopardy in 2020 also.”

The Republican calculus is that they if they abandon Trump, they will be primaried. The problem is, as Rep. Meeks pointed out, if they stand with Trump, they are just as likely to be crushed in the general election. The American people have already tossed out a Republican House majority for refusing to stand up to Trump. If the GOP continues to refuse to do the right thing, voters will hand Democrats the White House and the Senate along with the House in 2020.