Trump Is Compromised And Is Now Owned By The President Of Ukraine

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 11:32 am

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Frank Figliuzzi said on MSNBC that Trump is now owned by the president of Ukraine who can reveal at any time what laws Trump broke.

Figliuzzi said, “Let’s look at the general counterintelligence problem. When you seek that kind of personal favor from a foreign leader, you are essentially handing him a means to compromise you. So, I hear a lot of talk about, well, who would have known, who would be in the room, who knows the content of this conversation? Well, it’s translators, it’s aides, it’s people in the intelligence community listening to the foreign leader. But let’s not forget one of the key people who knows exactly what happened in that conversation, and that’s the president of Ukraine. At any time now, the president of Ukraine, because he now owns our president, can come out and give us the dirt, the details, the skinny on a law that the president may have violated. That’s precisely why you can’t do this kind of thing with a foreign leader”


The president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, now controls the political fate of Donald Trump. Ukraine has the power to release a transcript of the phone call at any time. There is audio of the call that could also be released. In his desperation to beat Joe Biden, Trump compromised himself and placed the national security of the United States in jeopardy. The Trump presidency has been riddled with speculation about who owns Trump. Many foreign leaders probably own a piece of Trump, but the one that could do the most immediate damage and destroy his reelection campaign is Zelensky in Ukraine.

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