Trump Shows His Guilt In Saturday “Ukraine Witchhunt” Meltdown

Trump took to Twitter to have himself a Saturday morning meltdown by accusing the media of engaging in a “Ukraine witchhunt” against him.

Trump ranted:

Trump also tweeted a Biden conspiracy video that his campaign put together.

Trump’s accusation that the media is trying to protect Joe Biden while howling about a “Ukraine witchhunt” was a Trumpian admission of guilt. Trump doesn’t deny that he tried to pressure Ukraine into investigating Biden. He defends it.
Reporting the facts isn’t the same as protecting Trump’s potential 2020 opponent.

The fact that Trump has run with this looney and easily debunked conspiracy theory is a sign that the president can find nothing to use on the former vice president. At this point in the 2016 campaign, Republicans were already frothing over Benghazi and Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Trump has nothing, which is why he is trying to drag Biden down with made-up conspiracy theories about Biden’s son and Ukraine.