India Prime Minister Gets Bigger Applause Than Trump At Texas Rally

At the “Howdy Modi” rally in Houston, Prime Minister Modi of India got bigger applause than Donald Trump from a Republican crowd in Texas.

Hans Nichols of NBC News reported, “The president said there were more than 50,000 people here. It does look pretty full. It seems to be about 80, 90% Indian American. When I talk to some people on the sidelines here, a lot of them say they’re Republicans. They say they support their president. When you press them they say, look, this is still Texas. We are mostly professional Republicans and, yes, we’re also here to see Modi. That said, on the applause meter, Modi is getting bigger applause than the president of the United States. He’s brought this place down several times.”


This was a gathering of mostly Indian-Americans who are also Republicans, and they gave louder applause to the Prime Minister of India than to Donald Trump in a state that is the most vital to Republican hopes of keeping the White House in 2020. If Republicans ever again lose the state of Texas in a presidential election, they will be defeated in a landslide. Trump has huge problems in Texas. Recent polls show Joe Biden beating him in the Lone Star State, and his reception in Houston did nothing to quell the rumbles that Texas could be in play in 2020, and Trump could lose the lynchpin of the GOP’s Electoral College strategy.

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