Trump Calls Recession A Democratic Witch Hunt When Asked About Ukraine

Trump thinks that the warnings from economists that the nation could fall into a recession are a plot by Democrats to get him.

Trump said when asked about Ukraine, “We had a perfect phone call with the president of Ukraine. Everybody knows it. It’s just a Democrat witch hunt. Here we go again. They failed with Russia. They failed with recession. And they failed with everything. Now they’re bringing this up. The one who has the problem is Biden. Look at what Biden did. Biden did what they would like me to do but I didn’t do it. What Biden did is a disgrace. What his son did is a disgrace.”


Trump is telegraphing how he will respond to an economic downturn. He is going to ignore it, and call it a witch hunt by Democrats. The problem is that people are losing their jobs right now due to the slowing economy. Trump’s trade war is hurting manufacturing and agriculture among other sectors, so the recession isn’t a plot to get Trump. It is a policy problem that needs to be dealt with.

Trump’s mindset is how downturns become recessions, and recessions lead to depressions. Donald Trump lumps anything that is bad for him into the fake news pile. There is no reality with this president. Everything is a Democratic witch hunt, including economic cycles.

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