Biden Makes All Of Trump’s Nightmares Come True With 2 Sentences

In a brief, but powerful, statement Joe Biden wrecked Trump and brought all of the president’s biggest fears to life with two sentences.

Former vice president Biden said that he can take Trump’s attacks, but the country can’t live with a shredded Constitution:

The killer line came at the end of Biden’s statement:

Former vice president Biden said, “I’ve always believed and still do that America is a truly special and unique nation, better than any other nation in history. We have made the experiment of self-government work. We’ve always been a beacon to other countries around the world. We know who Donald Trump is. It is time to let the world know who we are.”

The last two sentences were the absolute destruction of Trump. Donald Trump’s political weakness has always been that most Americans believe that he does not have their or the nation’s best interests at heart. The Ukraine scandal makes Trump look corrupt and un-American.

Trump fears Biden because no can deliver the anti-Trump character message with more conviction and integrity than Joe Biden. Trump isn’t attacking the other Democratic candidates in this way because none of them scare him like Joe Biden, and it was obvious why in this statement.

Biden isn’t perfect, but he is the opposite of Trump in almost every way.

Trump tried to smear Biden, and he may end up getting himself impeached.

Donald Trump is scared, desperate, and willing to break the law because he thinks that he will lose to Joe Biden.

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