The Russians Are Laughing At Trump For Needing Ukraine’s Help To Win

After Donald Trump begged Ukraine to help him invent a story against his strongest Democratic opponent at the moment, former Vice President Joe Biden, Russian State TV trolled Trump for needing to cheat to win elections, agreeing that Trump won 2016 thanks to Russia and now needs Ukraine to win 2020.

“Russia’s state TV: Ukrainian diplomat Vadim Triukhan cites German newspapers: “Trump won the first elections thanks to Russia and now he wants to be re-elected thanks to Ukraine.”
Russian state TV host Evgeny Popov: “Well, how else could you put it? That’s exactly what happened,” Russian media analyst Julia Davis wrote on Twitter about a clip she shared from Russian state TV.

The clip:

The Russians are humiliating Trump and proving once and for all, they own this president and do not take him seriously in the least.

Trump is their clown, and his dances are Putin’s amusement.