Ukraine Whistleblower Wants To Testify Before Congress


The Ukraine whistleblower has made it known to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff that he/she wants to testify before Congress.

Rep. Schiff tweeted:


The whistleblower needs to figure out how they can testify before Congress without losing their protected status or face criminal prosecution.

The House of cards is tumbling down on Trump. Trying to bury the whistleblower complaint was the worst thing that he could have done. The whistleblower, at some point, will talk to Congress whether they do so as part of an impeachment investigation or in front of committees. Trump has announced that he will be releasing the transcript of the Ukraine call, but that isn’t enough because the whistleblower complaint outlines several instances of potentially illegal behavior.

The complaint needs to be released, but even if it is not, Congress is going to get the information one way or another.

Trump tried to use the presidency to rig the 2020 election, and that is what has given the Democrats the national security basis that they have needed for impeachment.

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