Giuliani Tossed Under The Bus As Trump Impeachment Purge Begins

The State Department is calling Rudy Giuliani’s claim that they asked him to go on a “mission” to Ukraine false as Trump’s lawyer is being tossed under the bus.

NBC News reported:

And a senior Trump administration official tells NBC News that Giuliani’s claim that the State Department “asked me” to look into Ukraine or initiated his interactions with Ukraine’s government is false.

The former senior White House official also said that Giuliani’s claim that he worked through the State Department to coordinate his talks is highly questionable. The former official said that Giuliani should have “nothing to do with any of this stuff” and that his involvement in pursuing a corruption investigation “makes it inherently political rather than official law enforcement.”

“It’s Giuliani who’s really dragged the president into something that’s a legal matter and a political matter and will be part of impeachment,” the former official said. “What Giuliani did, there’s no argument that it was a legitimate, government, law enforcement endeavor.”

The Trump administration is turning on each other to save themselves. Giuliani tried to use the State Department as political cover for his potentially illegal activity for Trump. Giuliani tried to blame the State Department. Sec. of State Mike Pompeo is angry at Giuliani for trying to use it as cover, and now State is saying that Rudy was lying about his “secret mission” to Ukraine.

Rudy Giuliani is in the crosshairs of Congress. The president’s lawyer has been relentless in his efforts to try to dig up dirt on Joe Biden. Giuliani thought he had something in this baseless Ukraine conspiracy theory. He took it to Trump, who used it to try to shakedown Ukraine by withholding congressionally appropriated military aid, which led to the House launching an impeachment investigation.

The Trump administration is coming unglued. Trump is trying to get Pence impeached, and the State Department is at war with the president’s lawyer.

It is all in flames, and in the center of the fire is Donald Trump.

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