House Democrats Now Have Enough Votes To Impeach Donald Trump

A majority of the House of Representatives now supports the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump for high crimes against his country.

Politico reported, “A majority of the House now backs impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump, a significant milestone as Democrats move rapidly on an impeachment inquiry. As of Wednesday night, 218 lawmakers have indicated support for impeachment proceedings — 217 Democrats and independent Rep. Justin Amash.”

Once Speaker Pelosi announced the formal impeachment inquiry, getting a House majority to support it was a done deal. Pelosi is showing how a House can be run when it has a clear and strong leader, which is something that Republicans in the House and the White House know nothing about. The Ukraine scandal opened the floodgates because it revealed that Donald Trump remains a danger to national security. Trump wasn’t happy with one presidential election. He was going to jeopardize both national and election security to win a second term.

Trump has no hope of surviving an impeachment vote in the House. Fear is the only thing stopping a majority of Senate Republicans from supporting the president’s removal from office. When vote on articles of impeachment arrives in the House, the outcome is already known.

Donald Trump will be the third president in US history to have been impeached.

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