Pelosi Tightens The Screws On GOP With Vote On Resolution Condemning Trump

The House will vote on Wednesday on a resolution to condemn Trump for his Ukraine scandal. The resolution will put even more heat on the GOP to defend Trump.

The details:

This can get a little confusing because the resolution is separate from the impeachment investigation that is expected to be launched. Republicans in the House will be forced to go on the record as potentially supporting Trump’s efforts to criminally extort Ukraine. Republicans will have to vote, and a vote not to condemn Trump is a vote for criminal presidential behavior. The resolution doesn’t take the place of impeachment. It is a move that is designed to keep the heat on Trump and his party.

The Republican defenses of Trump have ranged between stammering to angry to pathetic. Republicans don’t have a coherent message on defending Trump, and with their hopes of taking back the House fading, Speaker Pelosi is going to join House Republicans at the hip to their anchor of a president.

When voters elected a Democratic House majority, they intended for Trump to be held accountable. This resolution is a public step that will put more attention on Trump’s behavior, all in an effort to educate the American people on his impeachable offenses.

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