Russia Is 100% Confident that Senate Won’t Convict the Man ‘Whom We Elected’

Russia is standing by its men, and by that I don’t mean just Donald Trump. Also Mitch McConnell and apparently other Senate Republicans.

Russia state TV not only directed Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden for loser Donald Trump, who can’t win an election without cheating, but also bragged with 100% confidence that Senate Republican will never impeach the man “whom we elected.”

“Kremlin-controlled state TV hosts throw buckets of mud on #Ukraine, insist it should investigate Biden and conclude that ‘Republican majority in the Senate won’t allow President Donald Trump—whom we elected— to be impeached. It’s impossible,'” Russia expert Julia Davis wrote above a clip of Russian state TV.

The Senate doesn’t impeach, it convicts, but the point stands.

Russia went so far as to name the specific State Department official in Ukraine to pressure, in an effort to help Trump and also clear Russia’s name from their attack on the United States in 2016, which the intelligence community warns is ongoing:

As one of the United States’ enemies mocks us on their state-run TV, Republicans are refusing to protect our country and enabling President Trump’s cover-up of the whistleblower complaint and the transcript of his full call with Ukraine, the first of which is legally supposed to go to Congress in full, and the second of which is normally covered in full.

Trump promised the unredacted release of the transcript, and now he’s gone back on that. But even the redacted summary of his Ukraine call shows that he asked for dirt on Biden after withholding aid that has been given to Ukraine since since Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014.

Congress approved the $391.5 million in aid that Trump withheld, which was supposed to help Ukraine deal with insurgency by Russian-backed separatists.

Russia is now pressuring Ukraine to give Trump the dirt on his top polling 2020 Democratic rival, Joe Biden. And Republicans are defending this even as Russia mocks us. The moniker Moscow Mitch was effective because it has legs.

It is time to start investigating Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell’s Russian connections.