Trump Looks Doomed After A 13 Point Surge In Favor Of Impeachment

Impeachment hasn’t backfired on Democrats. According to a new Politico/Morning Consult poll, there has been a 13 point swing in favor of impeachment.

According to Morning Consult, “The new Sept. 24-26 poll of 1,640 registered voters — conducted as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) endorsed an impeachment inquiry and details emerged about the president’s pressure on Ukraine — found the public divided at 43 percent on the question of whether Congress should begin proceedings to remove Trump from office, a net swing of 13 percentage points in favor of impeachment since a poll conducted over the weekend. The figure for support rose 7 points, while opposition dropped 6 points.”

The most troubling swing for Republicans has been with Independents:

Among Independents, support for impeachment has grown by 6 points from 33% to 30%, and opposition to impeachment has dropped from 45% to 36%.

This means that more Independents now support impeaching Trump than oppose.

Trump has made no effort to reach out and expand his base of support beyond the Republican Party. He has no goodwill with Independents to fall back on. Independents are moving toward impeachment, and instead of punishing Democrats for undertaking this investigation, support is growing for holding this president accountable.

None of this would have happened if Democrats would have tried to impeach on the Russia scandal. Trump and Bill Barr successfully poisoned that well, but the Ukraine scandal moved quickly, it is easy to understand and has lots of facts to back it up.

Trump looks doomed, and if support for impeachment continues to grow, the president will be toast in 2020.

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