House Democrats Want Trump Impeached By Thanksgiving

Adam Schiff is taking the lead on impeachment, and House Democratic leadership want Trump impeached by Thanksgiving.

MSNBC reported, “Democrats believe Ukraine controversy gives them the best case, the best argument to make against President Trump. So the House Intelligence Committee, because this is an intelligence matter as they view it, will continue to take the lead. They’ll do all the investigative work, even though Congress is set to take a two-week recess starting today, members of that committee will stay behind and might hold a hearing next week we’re learning.”

MSNBC’s Geoff Bennett continued, “At some point, these conclusions will come to an end, the House Speaker will talk to committee chairs and say what have you got. They’ll provide her with the results of the investigation. The House Judiciary Committee will take a vote. If they decide to take it to the House floor, the House floor would take a vote, and it would move to the Senate. That entire process on the House side, they want that done within weeks, not months, potentially before the Thanksgiving holiday.”


House Democrats aren’t wasting time. They aren’t allowing Trump the space to build a lie-filled defense and poison the well of fact, as he and Attorney General Barr were able to do with the Mueller report. Impeachment is coming lightning fast.

The upside to this strategy for House Democrats is that they can impeach Trump, and then move on to other business. Trump is already falsely claiming that impeachment is stopping Democrats from doing anything on gun violence. Democrats have already passed a series of gun bills that McConnell will not bring to the Senate floor for a vote.

Trump and Republicans are reeling and Democrats aren’t going to give them a chance to get their bearings by slow-walking impeachment.

By Thanksgiving, Donald Trump will likely be the third president ever, Nixon resigned before impeachment, to be impeached.

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